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Lazy Sunday

  time to get started, time to begin the day, but… the bed is cozy…

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and the cold grips your heart…

The wind lashes at your face, making your eyes squint shut and your cheeks burn with the cold air. You...

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Masterpiece of Neutrals

A soft dusting of snow drifted down from the gray sky above. There was no breeze to speak of; the...

Pondering | Haiku

Pondering Drifting, swirling leaves Time falls away

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Early Morning

It was early, long before the birds awoke. The sky was still an inky blue, the sun was hours away...

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The Invader Called Love

beware the invader that pesky Love it comes in the night drawn to the connection born from your blissful ignorance...

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Winds of Adventure

I could tell you that I know what it is to travel across the sea in a boat powered merely...

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Your reflection in the pond is not one you wish to see your youthful looks are missing disappeared by the...

From Me to You: A Heart to Heart

Hello lovely Readers, I’ve been gone a long time. A number of months have passed and no new posts have...

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Imagination | Sunday Haiku

searching for wonders flying to far off worlds dreaming up beauty

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