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From Me to You: A Heart to Heart

Hello lovely Readers, I’ve been gone a long time. A number of months have passed and no new posts have...

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Ingredients for a Cozy Sunday | Sunday Haiku

Warm mug, rainy skies good books; ingredients for a cozy Sunday

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I’m Back! | An Update

Hello, everyone! Oh my goodness! It’s been a while! Over a month! Isn’t it strange how you realize how much...

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Reckless Romance | Reader’s Choice

Hello, everyone! This is the reader’s choice for November. Thank you to all of you who voted in last month’s...

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My Writing Process

 Hello, everyone! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I enjoy learning about how someone does something that I do...

25 Facts About Me

Hello, lovely readers! Last week our little family grew to 500 members! To celebrate, I announced that I would be...



The water dripped down from the leaves to a slow rhythm. Drip, drip, drip. Among the branches were a number...