Sunday Haiku

Here you can find all haikus that are part of the Sunday Haiku series. They have seasonal themes and come out every Sunday. Enjoy!

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Lazy Sunday

  time to get started, time to begin the day, but… the bed is cozy…

Pondering | Haiku

Pondering Drifting, swirling leaves Time falls away

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Imagination | Sunday Haiku

searching for wonders flying to far off worlds dreaming up beauty

To Read a Good Book | Sunday Haiku

to curl up and read a good book, that’s what I call  a fantastic day

Fabulously Foolish | Sunday Haiku

it’s fabulously foolish to forget about friends and family

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Indoor Cat | Sunday Haiku

sitting next to the window, pondering life and wishing for a bird

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Ingredients for a Cozy Sunday | Sunday Haiku

Warm mug, rainy skies good books; ingredients for a cozy Sunday

creative writing, writing, poetry, haiku, spring, winter, blue skies

Spring | Sunday Haiku

Spring is just around the corner, making me long for Warm, Sunny days  

creative writing, haiku, writing, winter, holidays

Lights and Candles | Sunday Haiku

lights and candles shine brightly, illuminating the faces I love

Home | Sunday Haiku

with each breath I take I can relax a little more, knowing I’m home

creative writing, writing, winter, autumn, haiku, poetry, poem

Winter Is Coming | Sunday Haiku

the leaves are all gone and snow has begun to fall winter is coming

creative writing, writing, haiku, poetry, poem, autumn, thanksgiving

Thanksgiving | Sunday Haiku

Thanksgiving is here a time to sit with family try to make amends

creative writing, writing, haiku, poetry, poem, autumn, small town

Small Town | Sunday Haiku

a small sleepy town one crisp fall night a stranger walks alone into town

creative writing, autumn, writing, haiku, poetry, poem

I Might Love Autumn | Sunday Haiku

pumpkin spice latte, scarves, boots, sweaters, and candles I might love autumn…

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Halloween | Sunday Haiku

ghosts in the closet bats, zombies, and princesses must be Halloween