Your reflection in the pond

is not one you wish to see

your youthful looks are missing

disappeared by the setting sun.


Shadows play across your face

odd angles playing with light and dark

features half hidden by the darkness

that you fear is inside.


You wonder when it took root

worming its way deep inside

so small and quiet at first you did not see it

until the sun began to set

and the shadows came to play.


A quick look only shows one side

of the multifaceted creature that looks back at you

but a quick glance is all you can bare

it hurts too much to see how far you’ve come.


All you can see are the scars

the remnants of the hundreds of tiny paper cuts

that tried to tear apart the paper doll

that you’d only just taped back together.


The reflection in the pond haunts you

reminds you of things you wished you’d done

of faces your thought forgotten

of words left unsaid.


The surface ripples, your face distorting

becoming something else

something surreal

something almost beautiful.


For by the rippling water

the scars have been blurred away

until all that’s left is the vaguest image

of who you used to be.


But there is an unsettling feeling

in the pit of your stomach

this rippling reflection of your face is beautiful, yes

but it’s not truly you, not anymore.


Your face distorted into a dishonest image

one that seeks to hide the truth

if only to protect its wearer from seeing

the scars once thought disappeared still remain.


The water calms

your reflection restored to its former self

your scars reappear

youthfulness lost once again.


This time it’s not a quick glance

a shy look that barely lingers

it’s a long, hard stare

to find that its a beautiful face staring back.


and it’s yours…

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