Winds of Adventure

I could tell you that I know what it is to travel across the sea in a boat powered merely by the wind, but you’d never believe me. I could reflect on the taste of salt in my mouth and the grit of it on my skin. I could paint a picture for you of the rolling waves, jumping fish and diving birds. I could tell you of my adventures with pirates and battling storms, but you’d never believe me.

You’d never believe me if I told you I know what the air of the Himalayas feels like against skin, as I’ve never set foot in there, but ask anyone and they will verify that my account is accurate. I could tell you what the cool breeze wiping through my hair and the blowing snow feels like, even though I’ve never hiked up a mountain.

Just as you’d never believe me if I told you that I’ve tamed a wild stallion. We were skittish of each other at first but eventually began to trust. I could tell you of the days we spent riding no stop, chasing the sun. You wouldn’t believe that either, not even if I told you of the long grasses billowing in the gusts that ripple through the plains.

I could tell you of so many adventures, large and small and you’d still never believe me. You never will until you come along and join me. It’s scary at first, the places stick in the mind and are hard to come by. But over time they begin to move more freely, allowing you to move through them as easily as a leaf does in the wind.

Just take a breath. Close your eyes…

And let your mind go free…



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