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The Blog-Aholic Award!

Hello, everyone! I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Blog-Aholic Award! I was nominated by the...

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Fresh Start

He took in a deep breath and let it go, watching as it appeared in a cloud before him. Ice...

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I’m Back! | An Update

Hello, everyone! Oh my goodness! It’s been a while! Over a month! Isn’t it strange how you realize how much...

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The Healer’s Daughter – Part 21

True to her word Glandria contacted the other mages and they quickly gave their consent to Launi’s idea, though they...

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Beeswax and Corduroy | Reader’s Choice

Hello, lovely readers! This month you have chosen the words “beeswax” and “corduroy” as the inspiration for this post. Thank...

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The Healer’s Daughter – Part 20

“What exactly will the spell do?” Launi asked Glandria while keeping an eye out for mugwort as they walked among...

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Lights and Candles | Sunday Haiku

lights and candles shine brightly, illuminating the faces I love

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Reader’s Choice | December 2016

Hello, lovely readers! It’s that time again! The time of the month where I ask you what the inspiration for an...

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Reckless Romance | Reader’s Choice

Hello, everyone! This is the reader’s choice for November. Thank you to all of you who voted in last month’s...

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Healer’s Daughter – Part 19

Launi didn’t dream.Even if it was just while she slept, Launi didn’t have to worry. She didn’t have to think...

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